Lurk#2. There is no script

“Lurk … elegantly draws attention to this world of burgeoning activity in enchanting language; humanising the creative use of machine instructions, reminding us that with software code, as with any other human tool, it’s what you do with it that counts.” Ollie Bown, RealTime Arts magazine

This was the proposal of the artists that joined at the cafe Oto last Thursday. With a combination of laptops, instruments, screens, lights and objects the different performances invited us to join the experience that “only exists in perception”, as Xname, one of the artists, put in words.

The dark place was illuminated with some spot lights, but the artists generated their own: Leafcutter with his handmade instruments as magnets, light sensors and batteries playing with software, Roger Dean with his laptop in a deep connetion with his acoustic piano developed powerful sound, Alex McLean and Paul Hession playing lines of code and drums and knitting patterns together, immersed us in the growing screen display, and the light beats of Xname that you can feel in your body, all it was creating an atmosphere of lively high concentration.

A software code sound and visuality handmade performance was developing at the same time of the generative improvisation, and people were involved in that, following the experience while it was happening.

ImagenAs Tim Ingold points out, “there is no script for social and cultural life. People have to work it out as they go along. In a word, they have to improvise” (Ingold 2007). But, in the case of these artists, they want to improvise, lively 😉

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